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4 Event Swag Ideas to Stand Out From the Crowd

Free gifts, given away to event attendees, can help create a bold, lasting brand impression and make your company stand out. If you host or participate in an event or conference and don’t give away a little swag, attendees won’t be incensed. But the question is, what kind of swag is best for events? Although there’s no one right answer, we've curated a list of some of the best event swag ideas for you:

Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are a staple at events and conferences. They are a much more eco-friendly alternative to disposable water bottles. Our curated selection of reusable water bottles feature modern and unique design that will surely delight your attendees.


Power Banks

Power banks are must-have items that will be much appreciated by everyone. Even if it won't be used at the time of the event, it will definitely be used for years. A branded power bank provides a fantastic opportunity to create brand awareness, given that a large number of people are going to be seeing it for years after the event.



Branded umbrellas are the classics when it comes to swag because they can effectively create brand awareness and recognition. Think about it, when the umbrella is fully open, your company logo will be fully visible. Moreover, it’s an item that will definitely be kept and used outdoor, for years.



Notebook is a great swag item for events and conferences. It can be very handy in terms of taking notes, writing down ideas, or doing some brainstorming with other attendees. More importantly, it can be used even after the event.


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