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Cool Eco Swag Ideas That Will Impress Your Customers

Eco-friendly promotional products aren’t just important for protecting the environment; they are also practical since most of them are reusable. Here are some of our sustainable swag ideas that will impress and delight your customers:

Recycled-Tarpaulin Bags

Investing in sustainable swag made from recyclable materials does not only add a higher perceived value to your gift but also improves your brand image. Design your bag in such a way that creates customers' burning desire to purchase your product.


Tote Bags

Tote bags are a great alternative to plastic bags which will remain in landfill for years. Make sure that your logo is presented in a stylish, thoughtful, and creative way, so that your customers will use and keep them for years.


Foldable Bags

When it comes to sustainable giveaways, a reusable foldable bag is a crowd pleaser. It is compact and instantly useful as a carryall. You can also get super creative when designing the promotional elements to be presented on your bag, as the bag can be fully printed with unlimited number of colors.


Reusable Products

Products that support sustainable living habits have become increasingly popular. Investing in a swag item that supports zero-waste practices is one of the most effective ways to share sustainable values with your customers. Our top picks for reusable swag items are collapsible silicone cups, reusable glass straws, and eco cutlery sets made from wheat straw.


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